Inclusions in Amber

One thing that makes Baltic Amber a scientific phenomenon is the fact that some amber pieces contain actual fossils of insects and plants because they get trapped in the resin during fossilization. These insect and plant fossils date back over 45+ million years! Such inclusions also give us an idea as to the age of the… Continue reading Inclusions in Amber

Baltic Amber for Pets

Baltic Amber Pet Necklaces can naturally help control and prevent fleas and ticks! If you are looking for a natural solution that would help repel fleas and ticks from your cat or dog, it is definitely worthwhile to consider an Amber necklace or collar for your fur baby. Baltic Amber has been known for ages… Continue reading Baltic Amber for Pets

Baltic Amber is GROWING

You asked for it. Now you have it. I am so excited to announce Grassroots Natural Market in Riverside, Jacksonville, FL is the first retail store to carry all five (5) Amber by Amanda products! Yes! In addition to Baltic Amber necklaces for babies and adults, they now have bracelets and anklets for the entire family. This is… Continue reading Baltic Amber is GROWING

Amber Discounts and Coupon Codes

“Can I have a discount?” “Are there any coupon codes available?” “Is there going to be a sale soon?” “I’m waiting for this necklace to go on sale.” Many people come to me asking for a discount or coupon code. I offer 15% off to anyone who wants to partner with me on social media.… Continue reading Amber Discounts and Coupon Codes