Baltic Amber is GROWING

You asked for it. Now you have it. I am so excited to announce Grassroots Natural Market in Riverside, Jacksonville, FL is the first retail store to carry all five (5) Amber by Amanda products! Yes! In addition to Baltic Amber necklaces for babies and adults, they now have bracelets and anklets for the entire family. This is… Continue reading Baltic Amber is GROWING

Branching Out with Amber Wholesale

As you know, I am located in Jacksonville, FL, USA. My necklaces are in health-conscious businesses around the country. I am also receiving wholesale requests from other countries like Australia, Canada, Great Britain, United Kingdom, Saudi Arabia, and Turkey–just to name a few of the more popular ones. Customers are reaching out to me, more now than ever,… Continue reading Branching Out with Amber Wholesale

Should Amber Sink or Float?

We had a great Mom’s event at Native Sun, one of the local stores in Jacksonville, who carry my amber necklaces. Many people came by to toss some amber in the salt water bowl. No matter how hard they tried to keep the amber under the water, authentic amber will always rise to the occasion.… Continue reading Should Amber Sink or Float?