What is the best Amber necklace for a boy (girl)?

What is the best necklace for a boy/girl? Is a RAW necklace too plain for a girl? Will a polished necklace make my son look too girly? Gender-related questions are very common. I believe all my necklaces at Amber by Amanda are gender neutral. RAW or Polished, they are appropriate for both boys and girls.… Continue reading What is the best Amber necklace for a boy (girl)?

Screw Clasps or Pop Clasps

All Amber by Amanda items are fastened with a screw clasp that blends in with the amber. I do not use pop clasps for safety reasons, as pop clasps have been reported to fall off without warning. This presents a hazard for young children, especially babies. Customers have also come to me for another necklace after their original necklace… Continue reading Screw Clasps or Pop Clasps

Baltic Amber for Back Pain

What should I get to help my back pain? This is a very common question. I have countless customers calling to tell me how well my Amber has worked for their mild to severe back pains. The only thing these customers have in common is they all say their Baltic Amber necklace is the reason for their back… Continue reading Baltic Amber for Back Pain

The Beginning of Amber by Amanda (.com)

I am Amanda Albert, the owner and artist of Amber by Amanda. Amber by Amanda is my small, family-owned business that allows me to stay at home with my fun-loving and energetic children. In 2010, when Riley, my first born, was between 5- and 6-weeks-old, he started drooling like a leaky faucet, mouthing on everything (fingers, ME, toys, etc),… Continue reading The Beginning of Amber by Amanda (.com)