When to Replace your Baltic Amber

When do I need to replace my Amber? How will I know when my Amber needs to be replaced? Does Baltic Amber have an expiration date? Keep in mind, Amber is fossilized tree resin, so it’s a fossil. All Amber by Amanda‘s Amber is 35-65+ million years old. It should not need to be replaced as long as… Continue reading When to Replace your Baltic Amber

How does Baltic Amber work?

Authentic Amber contains succinic acid, a natural analgesic and healing agent. When worn against the skin (under clothes), Amber¬†warms to the body temperature and transfers the succinic acid through the¬†skin to help the body with all kinds of relief. This is another reason why it is important to keep your Amber dry and against your… Continue reading How does Baltic Amber work?

Can I wash my Amber necklace in the dishwasher?

  When my child’s Amber necklace gets dirty, I wash it in the dishwasher. Is that okay? No. It is NOT okay to wash your Amber necklace in the dishwasher. Please don’t. Amber is a delicate fossil. There are so many things that will happen to your amber when in the dishwasher, including: Soaps and… Continue reading Can I wash my Amber necklace in the dishwasher?

Should Amber Sink or Float?

We had a great Mom’s event at Native Sun, one of the local stores in Jacksonville, who carry my amber necklaces. Many people came by to toss some amber in the salt water bowl. No matter how hard they tried to keep the amber under the water, authentic amber will always rise to the occasion.… Continue reading Should Amber Sink or Float?