Amber Discounts and Coupon Codes

“Can I have a discount?” “Are there any coupon codes available?” “Is there going to be a sale soon?” “I’m waiting for this necklace to go on sale.” Many people come to me asking for a discount or coupon code. I offer 15% off to anyone who wants to partner with me on social media.… Continue reading Amber Discounts and Coupon Codes

My baby is sick!

Let me start by saying my children rarely get sick. They both have been sick twice in their lifetime so far. By “sick”, I mean the dreaded flu symptoms. Their previous symptoms lasted less than 12 hours the first time and under 6 hours the second time. Their body temperatures remained in the “elevated range”… Continue reading My baby is sick!

Finding TIME to Blog with Kids

October 2, 2015 was when I decided to blog. It took a year and a half for my second post. I’m learning this whole blog thing. It takes TIME to learn the ropes and more TIME to actually put it into action. As you know, TIME is one thing stay-at-home/work-at-home moms must use wisely. One thing I learned… Continue reading Finding TIME to Blog with Kids

Those Three Little Words

It’s Mother’s Day. Mother’s Day is usually the time of year everyone lets their mom know she is loved. But, isn’t every day Mother’s Day? It sure seems like it to me. For some time now, Kylan (5y) has been in a phase where he thinks everything is a competition. He turned saying “I love you” into this… Continue reading Those Three Little Words

The Beginning of Amber by Amanda (.com)

I am Amanda Albert, the owner and artist of Amber by Amanda. Amber by Amanda is my small, family-owned business that allows me to stay at home with my fun-loving and energetic children. In 2010, when Riley, my first born, was between 5- and 6-weeks-old, he started drooling like a leaky faucet, mouthing on everything (fingers, ME, toys, etc),… Continue reading The Beginning of Amber by Amanda (.com)