When to Replace your Baltic Amber

When do I need to replace my Amber?

How will I know when my Amber needs to be replaced?

Does Baltic Amber have an expiration date?

Keep in mind, Amber is fossilized tree resin, so it’s a fossil. All Amber by Amanda‘s Amber is 35-65+ million years old. It should not need to be replaced as long as you properly care for it. If you feel your Amber isn’t as effective as it used to be, try rinsing it in plain, lukewarm water and placing it on a soft towel to dry. Permanent color change is a visual indicator the Amber bead has been depleted of its use.

Such color changes will happen within a single bead on a strand of Baltic Amber. Therefore, not all the fossils will change. If they do change color, they will change shades at their own rates.

I have been wearing my RAW Butter-on-Yellow Baltic Amber necklace since 2010. As of the date of this post, that’s 7 years of wearing my one necklace around the clock. I do forget to remove my Amber while swimming or showering every once in a while (nobody is perfect!).

Amanda necklace

As seen in the picture, you can tell a few of the Amber fossils on my necklace are displaying some discoloration. 7 years of constant use is a long time, in my opinion, before showing signs of wear. My necklace has also been through the test of time, with two babies yanking on it and getting all their cute, baby grossness all over it (read: food, sticky fingers, slobber, dirt, and various dramatic events every parent encounters). While my necklace still works for me, I am considering replacing it in the near future.



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