RAW vs. Polished Baltic Amber

RAW Baltic Amber is…

  • unpolished
  • untreated
  • unprocessed
  • organic
  • natural
  • earthy
  • opaque
  • not shiny
  • not translucent
  • does not allow much light to pass through

RAW Baltic Amber has a matte finish in appearance and is the true form of Amber, the way nature made it. It is also known to contain the most succinic acid when comparing RAW and Polished Amber of the same color (RAW Honey vs. Polished Honey; RAW Cognac vs. Polished Cognac), however, the difference is minuscule.


Polished Baltic Amber is…

  • translucent
  • shiny
  • heat-treated

Polished Baltic Amber is NOT “polished”–meaning, it doesn’t have anything added to the surface. Instead, Polished Baltic Amber has been heat-treated to release bubbles that make the Amber transparent and shiny in appearance. Each Polished Amber bead shows off the Amber’s natural imperfections within the tiny bubbles, contrast of color, and–on rare occasions–a highly prized plant or insect inclusion, which was naturally embedded while the Amber was fossilizing millions of years ago.


While Polished Baltic Amber is more popular because of its shiny appearance, both the RAW and Polished forms of Baltic Amber have their own personalities. Most importantly, both finishes have nearly the same ability to heal us and strengthen our overall wellness. However, if the slight difference is important to you, then go RAW. 




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