Amber Anklet or Necklace?

Is there a difference in healing benefits between an anklet and a necklace?

The simple answer is YES.

Baltic Amber is strongest where it touches the skin. While you will get the benefits from wearing either a necklace, anklet, or bracelet, you want your amber to rest against–or closest to–the area in need. As amber warms to the body temperature, the succinic acid (Amber’s healing benefit) transfers through the skin and is dispersed throughout the blood stream. By the time it reaches the far-fetched parts of the body, the succinic acid is stretched thin, or diluted, by the body. However, this is a consistent flow of succinic acid for the length of time the amber is touching your skin. The flow of the succinic acid is only interrupted when (a) you remove your amber, (b) the temperature of the amber changes from being wet, or (c) your amber rests against your clothes, instead of your skin (which actually changes the temperature of the amber).

Baltic Amber’s succinic acid will always be strongest where it first enters the body. Therefore, Amber anklets are best for issues in the foot, ankle, and lower leg areas; Amber bracelets are ideal for hand, wrist, and lower arm problems; and Amber necklaces target everything else. Necklaces help target a wide-range of complications from the head to the knees; the back of the necklace rests against the top of the spine, where the succinic acid shoots straight down the spine and transfers to every nerve connected to the spine. The front of the necklace rests against the chest, which is very close to major organs. Because Amber necklaces help with so many ailments, they act as an overall immune booster as well.

There is also the obvious fact that the more amber you wear, the more benefits you receive. Necklaces have more Amber beads than bracelets or anklets simply because the strands of Amber are longer. More Amber beads mean more succinic acid. Larger Amber beads also mean more succinic acid. You can read a post about bead size by clicking here or go directly to specific details on my website by clicking here.

The material provided is for informational and educational purposes only and is not a substitute for medical treatment or diagnosis. Please consult with your physician, homeopath, or other medical professional for treatment or cure of any illness or disease, especially since Amber can reduce or eliminate the need of medication. 


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