Real Baltic Amber is Imperfectly Perfect

There is beauty in things that are odd and imperfect, and being flawed is not always a bad thing.

When you receive your Baltic Amber necklace (or bracelet or anklet) from Amber by Amanda, one the first things you will notice is your Amber’s imperfections. There are indentations, holes, irregular shapes, bumps, dimples, crevices, color variations, possible plant and insect inclusions, and more differences from each piece-to-piece. All of these imperfections were naturally created by nature. These special qualities make each Amber item interesting and perfect in its own way.

Observing your Amber for imperfections is one way–the easiest way–to tell if you have genuine, authentic Baltic Amber. Show off how imperfectly perfect your Amber is by connecting with me on Twitter and Facebook @AmberByAmanda.