What is the best Amber necklace for a boy (girl)?

What is the best necklace for a boy/girl?

Is a RAW necklace too plain for a girl?

Will a polished necklace make my son look too girly?

Gender-related questions are very common. I believe all my necklaces at Amber by Amanda are gender neutral. RAW or Polished, they are appropriate for both boys and girls. Most people select colors based on personal preference. If your child is old enough to pick his/her own necklace, how about letting him/her choose?

The natural oils from your skin will eventually make any necklace shine as if it is actually a polished Amber necklace. By this point, the only difference between the RAW and Polished necklaces will be whether it’s opaque (RAW) or transparent (Polished). So, as you wear your necklace, even the RAW necklaces will have a shine to them just like they are polished.

In the picture, below, you can see my RAW Butter-on-Yellow necklace has a shine to it from my skin’s oils. It is opaque because it is a RAW necklace. I have been wearing this same necklace around the clock since 2010. 

For reference, this is a picture of my 5-year-old SON in a 12.6-inch Polished Light Green necklace. Kylan loved it so much, he asked to keep it. (We don’t think the Polished shine on this necklace makes him look any different.) ❤️

Finally, here is a picture of our friends with their RAW necklaces. Big sister is 7-years-old and wears a 12.6-inch RAW Rainbow necklace.  Little sister is 14-months-old in this picture and wears a 12.6-inch RAW Honey Butter necklace (she’s also the baby at the top of the page). We don’t think their necklaces are too plain for them.

My advice? Choose a necklace color that you feel will look “best” on your baby. The necklace will become part of your baby’s identity if he/she wears it every day for years and years like mine do.


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