Amber Rainbows

Amber Rainbow items are works of Art. Just like a rainbow in the sky, each one is unique in its own way and no two rainbows are ever the same. The same applies to Amber Rainbows.

Baltic Amber Rainbows require loads of patience and attention to detail in order to achieve just the right look. Rainbows have an ombre effect, gently fading into the next amber color. Each amber piece is individually hand-selected to display the spectrum of amber colors, thus creating a rainbow.  Amber color selections for Rainbows go something like this:

black cherry > cherry > red cherry > dark cognac > cognac > light cognac > dark honey > honey > light honey > dark lemon > lemon > light lemon > champagne

Individual amber pieces not only fade in color, but the bead size also decreases slightly than the previous chosen piece as the amber approaches the clasp ends. The clasp color is then chosen to blend in with the amber pattern.

As you can see, there is quite a bit of time and patience involved in creating a single Baltic Amber Rainbow necklace. The availability of any Rainbow item depends on the current selection of amber to effectively create such an ombre pattern in both color and bead size.


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