Baltic Amber for Pets

Baltic Amber Pet Necklaces can naturally help control and prevent fleas and ticks!

If you are looking for a natural solution that would help repel fleas and ticks from your cat or dog, it is definitely worthwhile to consider an Amber necklace or collar for your fur baby. Baltic Amber has been known for ages for its healing properties, and it even works on pets. Amber by Amanda only uses genuine Baltic Amber from the Baltic Sea shoreline of Lithuania, which is strong enough to provide cats and dogs maximum flea and tick repelling benefits.


Baltic Amber has the ability to repel fleas and ticks since it has a specific smell, which deters those unwanted pests away from our fur babies. When Amber is worn by a pet, its fur makes the Amber warm, which in turn will start to release Amber’s aromatic terpines that repulses fleas and ticks. Also, this natural resin has electrostatic properties pets_kittenthat are slightly charged when Amber rubs against an animal’s fur, making it more difficult for fleas and ticks to cling to a pet’s fur. This electric charge is very minimal–it won’t shock anything larger than those pesky fleas and ticks. (So, don’t worry about your pet or human babies even noticing the static charge!) The aromatic scent and its weak static charge make Amber a natural alternative for preventing fleas and ticks! Results vary from pet to pet, but full repelling benefits are usually seen within 3-4 weeks when a pet wears an Amber collar consistently.

Don’t forget to take the Amber off when your pet goes in water! After all, it is still Amber, so please remember how to care for your Amber.
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