Goodbye, Flu

A couple weeks ago, I wrote about my 5-year-old son, Kylan, having the flu and how our Amber necklaces are believed to help boost our immune systems. You can read that post here.

It is now two weeks after Kylan’s flu symptoms. I am happy to report my original post was all we experienced from the virus that touched my family. Kylan had a very mild, short-lived episode, which is how germs usually present themselves when they actually come around us. Riley did have some minor temperament changes (read: easily emotional when something didn’t go EXACTLY his way), but I knew his body was most likely fighting against Kylan’s germs and comforted him during those tough times.

Traver and I remained our normal selves with no signs of symptoms. We are thankful for our Amber necklaces during times when such a virus, like the flu, could have been so much worse. Instead, we are once again believers that our Amber necklaces help boost our immune systems and help our bodies fight against the flu germs. 

Goodbye, Flu.


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