Baltic Amber is GROWING

You asked for it. Now you have it.

I am so excited to announce Grassroots Natural Market in Riverside, Jacksonville, FL is the first retail store to carry all five (5) Amber by Amanda products! Yes! In addition to Baltic Amber necklaces for babies and adults, they now have bracelets and anklets for the entire family. This is HUGE!!!

Everyone near the Riverside area of Jax is running to Grassroots for their Amber so they don’t have to wait for shipping (even though shipping is fast and free). Here is the rundown for what the store currently carries:

grassroots delivery

So, if you are near the Riverside area of Jacksonville, drop by and see what the buzz is all about. Have them make you a refreshing smoothie while you get some healthy groceries. Don’t forget to check out their Baltic Amber selections while you are there…and tell them Amber by Amanda sent you!