Screw Clasps or Pop Clasps

All Amber by Amanda items are fastened with a screw clasp that blends in with the amber. I do not use pop clasps for safety reasons, as pop clasps have been reported to fall off without warning. This presents a hazard for young children, especially babies. Customers have also come to me for another necklace after their original necklace (from a previous company) with a pop clasp “just fell off one day.”
Your amber jewelry is an investment in the future of your health and the health of your family. You don’t want to lose your necklace!

Amber items with a clasp include baby amber necklaces, baby amber bracelets/anklets, adult amber necklaces, and adult amber anklets. The adult amber bracelets are strung on an elastic string for easy on and off.

Click here to learn more about screw clasps and safety.