Baltic Amber for Back Pain

What should I get to help my back pain?

This is a very common question. I have countless customers calling to tell me how well my Amber has worked for their mild to severe back pains. The only thing these customers have in common is they all say their Baltic Amber necklace is the reason for their back pain relief. Therefore, whenever someone asks me to recommend Amber for their back, I always suggest a necklace (after I remind you to consult with your health care professional for your pain).
Now, does it matter which necklace? That one is up to you. To learn more about the effectiveness of the colors, click here. 

This information doesn’t mean wearing a necklace will be the miracle answer you are looking for, nor is it a cure for any back issues, but it could help give you some relief. Please keep in mind of the fact that Amber works differently for everyone. No two people will have the same results, just like no two people have the exact same level and type of pain.


The material provided is for informational and educational purposes only and is not a substitute for medical treatment or diagnosis. Please consult with your physician, homeopath, or other medical professional for treatment or cure of any illness or disease.