My baby is sick!

Let me start by saying my children rarely get sick. They both have been sick twice in their lifetime so far. By “sick”, I mean the dreaded flu symptoms. Their previous symptoms lasted less than 12 hours the first time and under 6 hours the second time. Their body temperatures remained in the “elevated range” (between 99 and 100°F) during these times. Yes, we have had minor coughs and a few runny noses, but it has never been more than that.

I knew something was up when Kylan woke me numerous times throughout the night last night. He wasn’t warm (no fever!). He wasn’t vomiting. He was fussy, had trouble getting comfortable to fall back asleep, and had an unusual cough coming from the gut. I kept feeling Kylan’s face and forehead for a spike in his body temperature, but everything was normal. I also made a mental note that Kylan was wearing his amber necklace as I helped him fall back asleep.

7am came with a new symptom: a single episode of vomit. Then he was back to sleep.

By 10am, Kylan declared, “I’m all better now” and tried his best all-better-face.

Not quite, baby, not quite. But, I’m glad you’re feeling better. Still, we were taking it easy. A few normal hours went by. Just as I thought we got through this one, he vomited again. And then he slept the rest of the day away.

I give the amber necklaces credit towards my children’s quick immune responses. When a symptom is present, I always do a quick, mental check to make sure they are wearing their necklaces (even though I know they haven’t taken them off). After all, Amber is an immune booster. I don’t even want to think about how bad this bug could have been without Kylan’s amber necklace.

Now, let’s hope Riley doesn’t get these germs. (I did just glance at him for my own peace of mind in knowing Riley is wearing his amber necklace.)


Check here for a two-week update to find out if our necklaces helped the rest of us stay clear from the flu germs.

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