Finding TIME to Blog with Kids

October 2, 2015 was when I decided to blog. It took a year and a half for my second post.

I’m learning this whole blog thing. It takes TIME to learn the ropes and more TIME to actually put it into action. As you know, TIME is one thing stay-at-home/work-at-home moms must use wisely.

One thing I learned is I can schedule my posts to be published in the future. What a TIME saver! Now, my blogging TIME looks like this:

Turn on computer so I can write.
Play with the kids.
Begin to write.
Answer one child’s question.
Write two words.
Answer the other child’s question (which is usually the same exact question the first child asked).
Think about where I left off before my train of thoughts were halted.
Make food for the children to eat.
Pretend I’m going to write some more because I know the kids will need something when they decide “Mama looks comfortable now. Let’s get her.” (That must be what they think, right?)

Refill the little one’s water bottle…

Before I know it, my husband is home from his work day. “What did you do today?” he asks. It was a very busy day, but, what did I do? I wrote a paragraph. I played with and took care of our kids. They are alive. They are happy.

I sit back down, in front of my computer, for five seconds before my husband asks, “What are you doing now that you had all day to do?”

I shake my head. Where’s the white flag?

I will get this TIME thing figured out soon.