Branching Out with Amber Wholesale

As you know, I am located in Jacksonville, FL, USA. My necklaces are in health-conscious businesses around the country. I am also receiving wholesale requests from other countries like Australia, Canada, Great Britain, United Kingdom, Saudi Arabia, and Turkey–just to name a few of the more popular ones.

Customers are reaching out to me, more now than ever, to ask if Amber by Amanda is available in stores close to them. When someone contacts me to say, “Hey, Amanda, you need to get your amber in ______,” I’m on it. I always listen to my customers’ suggestions and begin calling the suggested business. Most of my wholesale contacts come from specific customer requests. So, thank you to those who reach out to me with a business in mind.

Yes, I still ship for FREE, via 2-3 day Priority Mail, to any address in the USA. In some situations, you just want your amber ASAP because you are in pain or maybe you need a last minute gift for a loved one. I completely understand. It’s so much easier to walk into your local store (or nearby business) and get amber in your hands right away.

If you know of a business that would be a good fit for Amber by Amanda Baltic Amber healing necklaces, please email me. You will receive FIVE (5) Reward Points when the business places their first wholesale order–that’s $5 off your future order. How awesome is that?!

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