How does Baltic Amber work?

Authentic Amber contains succinic acid, a natural analgesic and healing agent. When worn against the skin (under clothes), Amber warms to the body temperature and transfers the succinic acid through the skin to help the body with all kinds of relief. This is another reason why it is important to keep your Amber dry and against your… Continue reading How does Baltic Amber work?

Screw Clasps or Pop Clasps

All Amber by Amanda items are fastened with a screw clasp that blends in with the amber. I do not use pop clasps for safety reasons, as pop clasps have been reported to fall off without warning. This presents a hazard for young children, especially babies. Customers have also come to me for another necklace after their original necklace… Continue reading Screw Clasps or Pop Clasps

Baltic Amber for Back Pain

What should I get to help my back pain? This is a very common question. I have countless customers calling to tell me how well my Amber has worked for their mild to severe back pains. The only thing these customers have in common is they all say their Baltic Amber necklace is the reason for their back… Continue reading Baltic Amber for Back Pain

My baby is sick!

Let me start by saying my children rarely get sick. They both have been sick twice in their lifetime so far. By “sick”, I mean the dreaded flu symptoms. Their previous symptoms lasted less than 12 hours the first time and under 6 hours the second time. Their body temperatures remained in the “elevated range”… Continue reading My baby is sick!