The Beginning of Amber by Amanda (.com)

I am Amanda Albert, the owner and artist of Amber by AmandaAmber by Amanda is my small, family-owned business that allows me to stay at home with my fun-loving and energetic children.

014In 2010, when Riley, my first born, was between 5- and 6-weeks-old, he started drooling like a leaky faucet, mouthing on everything (fingers, ME, toys, etc), and screaming in pain–all of which are early signs of teething. I wanted to help him so badly! I can still remember the moment my husband and I were standing in the infant isle at Target, looking for something that was natural and without side effects to help our little teether. Our options were surprisingly limited! We even asked random customers in the baby isles for help, but everyone kept going to things we didn’t want in our baby’s little body. Further probing lead me to learn about Baltic Amber from a local MOMS group—even our holistic pediatrician recommended it.

And that’s how my in-depth research began. Yes, I amalbert-2201b a researcher, and I will always look for the best. Once I found what I wanted, it took three weeks for the necklace to arrive from Lithuania (because I’m the type that must know where everything comes from and, of course, I had to get it straight from the source.) We were amazed at how well the necklace calmed Riley and stopped his drooling within a few short minutes after he was wearing his new RAW Butter-on-Yellow baby necklace. Riley even pushed through all four molars and canines at once, and without any changes in his temperament! No fussy baby? No more bibs? I was one happy mama with an even happier baby, and my husband and I were sold on AMBER!

Later that year, my own homeopathic doctor recommended me to get an amber necklace for my hypothyroid. We already knew how well the amber helped our baby, so why didn’t I think of it for myself? So, I ordered one from the same supplier to match Riley’s…and waited a few weeks for it to come in the mail. Sure enough, through blood tests every three months, my hypothyroid was stabilizing and I was gradually weaned off my homeopathic medicine under my doctor’s guidance. It took an entire year of labs for me to be completely medicine-free, but I’d rather wear a necklace than pop some pills every day for the rest of my life. Bi-annual lab results continued to show my levels to be consistently stable with my RAW Butter-on-Yellow adult necklace.4-25-2013

Shortly after my thyroid was under control, we were expecting. Kylan was born the very day after Riley turned two. Unlike 4-2013Riley’s 9-28-15pale skin, Kylan came earthside with a tan. I knew I had to order Kylan’s necklace right away so we could get it on him before he started teething. I chose a RAW Diversity baby necklace to compliment his skin color, and waited a few weeks for his necklace to arrive. Kylan was wearing his Baltic Amber necklace by 5-weeks-old and never experienced any teething symptoms or changes in his temperament. In fact, the only way we knew he was getting a tooth was when his mouth was wide open from laughing or when we were brushing his teeth.

9-2015I will admit, my husband, Traver, was the last one on the Amber train, but he eventually came around. Traver originally thought amber was some type of voodoo magic. But, he saw how the amber eased the teething process for our babies and how it helped me maintain my health without the use of medication—all while he had his own health issues. Traver was finally ready to give Baltic Amber a try to see what it can do for him. He has such sensitive skin and was worried about how his skin would react to the amber. So, the two of us selected a deeper color from the same supplier… and we waited a few more weeks for my husband’s RAW Cognac adult necklace to arrive. Sure enough, our selection was just right for his sensitive skin and did not cause him any reactions. He also noticed he was taking less and less allergy medicines while wearing his amber, as his seasonal allergies began to diminish. No more itchy nose or watery eyes for him! Goodbye, Nasonex and allergy doctors! Even his animal allergies are more tolerable for him now.

Our only frustration with amber was the wait time it took for us to get the amber in our hands. Why isn’t Baltic Amber commonly available in the USA like it is in the European countries? It was this moment, in April of 2012, Amber by Amanda was born. We–my husband and I–wanted to mainstream amber in the USA, with quality amber at competitive prices, and…fast and free shipping. We are bringing genuine, authentic Baltic Amber healing jewelry to families in the USA as fast and as affordable as possible.


The material provided is for informational and educational purposes only and is not a substitute for medical treatment or diagnosis. Please consult with your physician, homeopath, or other medical professional for treatment or cure of any illness or disease. 

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